Nothing is better than a good burger. The classic American taste experience

Burgers Unlimited brings forth the next generation of proteins and a new selection of burgers

Better Than Fresh

BU is addressing the Frozen Burger Space , we believe we can demonstrate our products are “Better Than Fresh”.We have developed Burgers that cook from frozen in minutes with a texture and flavor far better than any product currently in this space.  BU offers a high quality product easy to use , minimal waste , extended shelf life, a clean 99% protein Burger with great flavor!



What is a Stand Alone Burger ?

A burger that can deliver BOLD FLAVOR and TEXTURE without excessive garnishes or condiments. The BU concept was developed on the insight that great tasting burgers shouldn’t require you to pile on lots of extras, only masking the flavor.

We asked ourselves how we could create a burger that stands on its own, is simple to prepare, and brings customers back through the door. After extensive research and market taste tests, we developed a line of burgers that will bring a unique flavor profile and that work with your existing operations/menu.

Better Than Fresh / We’ve Proven It !

BU Preparatory processing method creates a three-dimensional texture. Our temperature controlled  mixing , forming and freezing  technology is used to retain the nutrients and flavor.

We Can Offer :

  • 100% Gluten-Free
  • Clean label: All Natural No artificial ingredients
  • Humanely Raised
  • No MSG


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